Ned Danison
Doctoral Portfolio
Cooperation: Evidence for Scholarly Cooperative Ability

On this page I present three instances in my professional and academic life
when I have had the opportunity to collaborate intellectually with other
teachers, scholars, and fellow doctoral students.

In the 1990s as a faculty member at a junior college in Taiwan, I participated in
the development of a newly established Applied Foreign Languages
Department. This development was a collaborative effort, as members with
different specialties worked together to coordinate a cohesive curriculum; I was
responsible for the culture component. Over the course of five years, I also
worked closely with a colleague in designing and conducting English summer
camps both in Taiwan and the US. The thumbnails on the right link to images
of the faculty of The Applied Foreign Languages Department at Kao Yuan
Junior College and a newspaper clipping reporting on of one of three overseas
summer language trips I conducted.

Later, in 1999, I contracted with Tung Ta publishers (Taipei, Taiwan) to
co-author two volumes in a series of EFL textbooks for vocational schools. I
collaborated with Dr. Huang Zhaoxian of National Kaohsiung Hospitality College
on the concept and outline of the texts. I wrote the English content, and Dr.
Huang wrote content in Chinese. The thumbnails at right link to images of the

As a UAlbany PhD student, I have had several opportunities to collaborate
academically. My most significant collaborative effort was a project in ETAP
710, a course on curriculum design. A team of five was assembled to reform
the curriculum for a low-performing high school. I played the role of school
principal and Economics teacher in this exercise. A document describing our
project with a statement of our collaboration is linked to the thumbnails at right.

I would like to take this opportunity to use this space to offer my deep gratitude
to my professors, office staff, fellow students, colleagues, and partners in
research at UAlbany for the moments our lives have intersected, no matter how
briefly. As an older student whose time is divided between work, study, and
family, I have truly cherished the opportunities for collaboration as well as the
fleeting and enduring friendships that formed around classes and projects.
Thank you.